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Shroom Shroom

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very cool

That was animated really well. I can't believe you animated the dog spinning WHILE making him lip sync perfectly to the lyrics. I can't even believe you made a dog lip sync perfectly in the first place. That seems impossible to do.

The effects were very nice and smooth. I especially liked when the dog licked the mushroom; that looked really cool and was a good transition. The beginning of the running sequence when the dog first appeared was really well drawn, too.

The only negative of this flash is that it seemed to end out of nowhere, but this is just an experiment, so I can understand why.

Overall the effects and animation was really good. I'm definitely adding this to my favorites.

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much a do about crisps much a do about crisps

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Long and sloppy, like my pe

I watched the whole 10(?) minutes of this, so I feel obligated to review it.

You were obviously trying to mimic David Firth's style (or you were at least inspired by him), and I think that actually helped you out.

The lip sync wasn't very good at all. It seemed like you drew mouths in the style of David Firth, then randomly moved them when there was dialogue. One time I noticed you just put an oval over the villain's mouth to make it look like he was talking.

The story was very sloppy and it seemed like you made it up as you went along. I understood the beginning, a man invents a potato chip that will save a company from going downhill, but the middle/end had me extremely confused. It seemed like you threw the villain in there to extend the length or maybe because you didn't like the story you had so far.

The backgrounds were kind of cool in the beginning, but by the end they became messy renderings of images, some I could hardly distinguish (ex- the 'bar' background was pretty rough to look at).

The voice acting in this was pretty good at some points. I think the narrator/main character/villain did a pretty good job with this. Some of the other voices could use a touch up, and the overall quality of the sound could get better, but the voices weren't horrible to listen to.

I can tell you half-assed a LOT of this. When I say a LOT I mean almost the whole thing. The story, animation, and backgrounds could all be extremely improved. You also could reduce the length by 45 minutes to make it a lot more funny, creative, and better animated.

I don't know why I kept watching this. It would've been so much easier to have closed the window. Maybe it was to see if it would keep going and going (which it did). There could be so much more I could criticize, but I don't want to spend any more time on this flash. I don't even care if my review doesn't make sense.


-Willy Wonka

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The End Is The Beginning The End Is The Beginning

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I really like the style and theme of this. The music helps set that, but your animation style is what really drew me in. Some of the effects you used were really cool as well, like that underwater effect in the very beginning. How'd you do that? The explosions were really clean and fluid, too. The only thing I don't like about this is how you reused some clips, but I can see why you did.

Overall you did a great job with this. There's a lot of tweening, but your nice animation style makes up for it.

North Park - Film is Gay North Park - Film is Gay

Rated 3 / 5 stars


The animation mimicked south park pretty good, and I liked how there was action going on in the background, but it was pretty tough for me to get through this.

Although there was a plot, it was derailed when you randomly talked about religion (which for me is a boring topic) and brought up clichés. I know you did this to make that annoying character seem like more of a jerk, but it just seemed boring and unfunny to me. I also think you depended on Microsoft Sam's voice to be the comic relief a little too much on this one. The voice acting was actually good on this, but I think the sound quality could be better.

Overall this wasn't that bad animation wise, but could be better in the comedy category. Maybe I just don't like south park spin-offs.

How 2 Succeed on NG How 2 Succeed on NG

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The parody of all newgrounds parodies

You successfully parodied two of the biggest newgrounds clichés perfectly. What set this apart from most parodies is you didn't just show a montage of dicks and spam, but perfect examples of what would really get high scores, praise, and attention on newgrounds. Another positive is that the comedy wasn't just confined to "it's funny because it's true". I also thought the art style was really cool. Good job.

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Raging Scarf Raging Scarf

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

Maybe I think it's good because I have no idea how to do some of those effects. There was some nice FBF (I like how you made the tounge 'hesitate'; that's another thing I'll have to teach myself to do), but the tweens made it seem like there wasn't much FBF going on. I like the style to, it reminds me of Nogfish mixed with some ZekeySpaceyLizard.

Fawx responds:

i dont tween that much for a lotta my movies. this was just an experimental :).

Jodi Arias Jodi Arias

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The animation style was pretty cool, but the voice acting is what makes this flash funny. I loved how it seemed like you just picked up some microphones and said random stuff about Jodi Arias. The "I need a cartoon to tell me it's true" was hilarious, and the re-enactment had me laughing like crazy. Actually, the whole thing had me laughing like crazy.

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Weebl and Bob : Gooshine Weebl and Bob : Gooshine

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm still waiting for a play button

I really forgot about weebl and bob and the fact zekey's working with you now. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE WHEN I SAW THIS IN THE PORTAL. IMAGINE IT. Great job on this. It has a great intro, and it kept the crazy silliness that it always has. I haven't seen the movie, but there weren't any inside jokes to get.

9/10 because whenever I go to play Meet n' fuck: railroad conductor while this is loading, it randomly plays when I'm in the middle of banging thomas.